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Delta is a leading provider of content development services. We provide multimedia-based learning materials and systems for a diverse range of user segments - IT professionals, IT End-Users, Customer Service Executives, Corporate Managers, and School Students.  We are using latest technology and providing services including: 

  • Computer Based Tutorials (CBTs)

  • Web Based Tutorials (WBTs)

  • Instructor Led Training Programs (ILTs)

We also offer value-added services to our customers including Content Development and Content Conversion. 

We have a dedicated facility for developing and producing content for CBT/WBT & Multimedia Presentations. The skill sets for our professionals range from media gurus, instructional designers, Web developers, graphics and animation designers, technical writers and quality analysts. Our software tools include Macromedia Flash, Authorware, Toolbook, Adobe PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro, Frontpage, Corel, Illustrator, Animation, Sound forge, Shockwave and Macromedia Dream Weaver. 

Our Instructional development process follows formally documented methodology. 

The methodology has the following five phases:

  •  Analysis

  •  Design

  •  Visualization and scripting

  •  Construction

  •  Testing


§         Audience analysis: An extensive profile of the target audience Includes:

§         Envisionment statement: Describes the objective for developing a CBT and the benefit the learner will derive after going through it.

§         Entry Level Profile: The audience skill level before going through the CBT/WBT. Includes audience pre-requisites.

§         Exit Level Profile: The audience skill level after going through the CBT/WBT.

§         Audience background: Describes the educational qualifications, attitude and cultural background.

§         Competition analysis: Analysis of competitors CBTs/WBTs for content and instructional design strategies.

§         Task list: List of skills that will be taught in the CBT/WBT.

§         Client Review: A client review at the end of the analysis phase ensures that the rationale for creating a CBT/WBT for a specific audience is clear.


  • Course Outline: Identifying the course structure, objectives, evaluation techniques, Blooms’ level, and assessment items.
  • Instructional Strategies: Developing instructional and graphic strategies, instructional tools, and case study used for developing the CBT/WBT.

Visualization and scripting

  • Graphic creation: Creating graphics using the central idea for each frame in the script.
  • Element creation: Creating objects that are repeatedly used in the project.
  • Scripts: Writing the content for CBT/WBT based on the inputs derived from the analysis and design phase.


Media elements such as text, graphics, audio, and video created in the previous phase are integrated and the presentation/course is created. 


The presentation/course is tested for functionality by our Quality Assurance team. The finished product is then released. 

During the various phases, Subject Matter Experts (SME) from the client’s side and Delta’s team reviews the course. The client approves the deliverables at the end of each phase before the next phase begins.  

We have developed over 500 WBTs/CBTs on various IT and non- IT curriculums.
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