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Career Edge

The 4-month application-oriented program that's neither too basic nor too tech

The Program

CareerEdge is the four-month application-oriented program aimed at providing an "edge" to students in any professional environment.

Whether it is management, sales, marketing, law, finance, architecture or medicine--CareerEdge equips students with relevant computer knowledge to fit into any industry vertical.

Creating a PowerPoint Presentation, handling an MS Excel spreadsheet, creating documents in Microsoft Word or using the Internet as an information resource, are no longer tall orders.

CareerEdge familiarizes students with all the tools of the technology age, so that they are completely at ease in the new, 21st century work place.

The content

In terms of content, CareerEdge follows the middle path. It is neither too basic nor too techie and offers the perfect computer learning platform for school students, college-goers, IT industry aspirants or professionals wanting to get ahead in their jobs.

As part of this user-friendly program, students gain an understanding of hardware and computing, operating systems, technologies and their applications, programming languages and Web-based technologies.

Additionally, CareerEdge has also been designed to teach students about effective communication skills, the basics of animation and RDBMS concepts. 

  Academic Alliances—Bringing together the Formal & the Non-formal 

Through NIIT, we have also entered into an academic partnership with Karnataka State Open University to allow GNIIT pass-outs from NIIT to gain lateral entry directly into the 2nd year of the University’s M Sc (IT) program. This is a path breaking relationship because even arts and commerce graduates with a GNIIT title can aspire for an M Sc (IT) degree.