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The GNIIT program

GNIIT is the flagship offering for students looking to build a career in IT- is recognized and acclaimed by the IT sector as the "de facto" standard for creating productive, industry-relevant professionals.

The program's primary feature--which gives it a significant edge in the IT education market--is its one-year Professional Practice (PP) offering. This 12-month placement exercise, which gives students the opportunity to work on live projects in leading Indian organizations, imparts GNIIT Classic with its unique and pioneering flavor. Professional Practice also acts as a bridge between the industry and a skilled IT manpower pool, enabling companies to find manpower relevant to their specific needs.

Over 300 GNIITians from our Company are today building careers in leading companies.

The content

The GNIIT course meshes academic rigor with a complete one-year training opportunity in the IT industry. This unique combination of theory and professional practice, has helped thousands of students create a successful career in IT.

The GNIIT program is spread over Four Semesters (I-IV) and one-year PP and offers students the following unique features:

  • Professional Practice: PP follows the completion of the first four semesters of the GNIIT Classic Program and the three year Bachelor's Degree and places students in reputed organizations for hands-on learning on diverse IT environments
  • Career Development Services: The Career Development Services enables GNIIT students to understand their capabilities and expertise and orients them towards industry requirements and the expectations of their employers
  • Technology Obsolescence Insurance: The students are now offered a new program to keep career aspirants abreast of the latest technological changes and insures them against skills obsolescence for a period of three years, post completion of the program. GNIIT students keep up-to-date on technology through jump start courses on new technologies, specialized projects on latest software, newsletters featuring industry updates, etc
  • Client Relationship Management: The CRM module acquaints students with the nuances of CRM through case studies and self evaluation exercises