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The SWIFT Program

SWIFT is the quickest way to acquaint individuals with computers and help them gain IT skills. Targeted at ordinary citizens, the SWIFT series of courses help learners become aware of technology and utilize it effectively in their daily lives. These simple, short-term, reasonably priced programs are for virtually everyone-from school-going children, to housewives to the silver generation. First time users as well as computer savvy individuals can gain from these courses. The courses make IT training easy by using examples from real life and creating an exciting learning environment.

SWIFT Programs

The SWIFT series of programs cover a gamut of areas and reach out to a wide audience. The various SWIFT modules include:

  • SWIFT JYOTI : A program aimed at acquainting individuals with computers and helping global citizens gain IT literacy
  • SWIFT INDIA : A course designed for individuals-to help them effectively use IT at the workplace
  • WEB DESIGNING MADE EASY : A special, easy
  • PROGRAMMING MADE EASY : A quick and easy learning module for aspiring, first-time programmers
  • SWIFT for SCHOOLS : A course targeted at school goers, which combines computer learning with fun

Dr. SWIFT : A program specially customized for medical practitioners, to enable them to use computers in their area of work